Electrical Works

Electrical wiring can be a problem when you have no idea where the issue(s) may be. Our diagnostic tools will help you find and get rid of the problem.

Starter motor service and repair/replace
Should you find difficulties starting your car, we will first diagnose the starter motor for repairing before considering the option of replacing it. Due to electrical components in the motor, the solution could be cheaper than you expect.

Alternator service and repair
We offer a thorough electrical check to evaluate the health of your vehicle’s alternator and service/repair it accordingly. This may save you money to replacing it, unless the problem is beyond repair.

Computer box diagnostics
Using our high-end diagnostic tools, we will do computer box testing, computer box repairing, supply of second hand refurbished ECU or computer box, ECU Remapping, Computer box information transfer/cloning, key coding or computer box linking, key replacement.

Fault tracing and rewiring
Tracing electrical faults on a vehicle can be a tricky job as it may not be clear where the fault may be. We will trace the fault from checking your fuse box to testing the wiring from point to point.

Please note: We are in the process of getting RMI accredited. All vehicles under warrantee should go to assigned dealership.

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