Technical Repairs

Gearbox replacement, repairs & upgrades
We will have your vehicles gearbox repaired, refurbished or replaced back to original factory specification. We can also upgrade your current gearbox from a five-speed to a six-speed box.

Turbo Charger replacement
We can replace your old turbo with a new or reconditioned turbo if the seals have worn out or the turbo has been completely damaged.

Petrol Injector refurbishing
If you have fuel distribution issues due to your petrol injectors, we will refurbish or replace them for you.

Engine overhauls
Sometimes you don’t need to replace your engine or buy a new car when your current one starts giving you problems. A thorough engine overhaul can have you back on the road in a smooth ride again.

Please note: We are in the process of getting RMI accredited. All vehicles under warrantee should go to assigned dealership.

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